We were approached by the CBS TV show The Doctors about letting them review Choffy. They raved about the great health benefits of cacao and were very intrigued by Choffy. They spoke to us about the high antioxidant properties of Choffy as well as different ways that Choffy could aid in weight lost. We described some of the following regarding our brewed chocolate:


A brewed 8oz. cup of Choffy has an ORAC rating of 4874.4 μmole TE. That means that there are more antioxidants in an 8oz. cup of Choffy than almost two servings of blueberries! Those antioxidants act as a super-detoxifier, helping your body rid itself of the toxins that can tax your system, subsequently keeping you feeling younger, longer.


Choffy’s ability to aid in weight loss was widely discussed by Dr. Oz when he featured us on his show as one of his “Best of the Best.” He and Jim Karas recommended Choffy because the theobromine in cacao can boost metabolism, and it contains enzymes that keeps the body from absorbing fat molecules. Instead, Doctor Oz says “You poop it out.” Maybe the most significant factor in weight loss aided by Choffy comes from the fact that it wipes out cravings for other rich sweets (like processed chocolate) and it aids in hunger suppression.

Each of the Doctors weigh in after drinking some Choffy black. The mention at the outset that it could be a substitute for coffee, and how two of them can’t tolerate coffee do the caffeine content. Dr. Travis Stork’s immediate response was how he liked it – black. They discuss how conditioned we are to think of chocolate as sugary and filled with cream. They mentioned the natural bitterness of the cocoa bean. Obviously many of us like to add a little something in our Choffy, but we don’t need to choose things that aren’t good for us. Coconut milk, for example, has a wonderful flavor pairing with Choffy and does not add the calories or fat that some creamers do. Take a look at the clip below: