Choffy Brewed Cacao - Ecuador French Roast - 32oz

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Roasted Cacao has a Robust Coffee-like Flavor- It's the Coffee Alternative

Brewed cacao has never tasted so good!

The darker relative of Ecuador Dark, our Ecuador French Roast is the darkest, most roasted type of Choffy. It has a robust, coffee-like flavor with an extremely smooth aftertaste.

This 32oz French Roast will make approx. 62-66 Servings

Brewed Cacao Contains Theobromine:

Theobromine is the healthy alternative to caffeine. This stimulant and vasodialator increases blood flow. When asked if theobromine will keep you awake, the answer is that there is no evidence to that affect.



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    Excellent taste! Ecuador French Roast

    Posted by Lisa on Feb 20th 2023

    Ecuador French Roast has the closest coffee taste. I really enjoy the bitterness.

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    Choffy Ecuador French Roast

    Posted by Deanna Mahone on Dec 7th 2022

    I LOVE rich strong black coffe, but my doctor told me to stop drinking coffee and black tea for health reasons. He recommended Choffy. I bought the strongest I could buy, being the Ecuador French Roast. Upon opening the bag, the aroma of chocolate (which I am addicted to) wafted through my nostrils in such a good way!! After brewing, I noticed the flavor was much more like coffee than chocolate! HEAVEN!! The ONLY reason I gave 4 stars was because I have to use 5 tablespoons to reach the deep dark taste I like. I have since put it on autoship. If you're looking for a coffee replacement, this is it!!

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    Love it

    Posted by John Doyle on Jul 25th 2022

    I drink it every day and it's a great coffee substitute.!

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    Ecuador French Roast is a great way to start the day

    Posted by Danny Stewart on Apr 1st 2022

    I love the rich, smooth smoky flavor of Ecuador French Roast. I've started almost every morning this winter with a large cup to take to work. Love it!

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    My favorite Choffy!

    Posted by Heidi on Mar 7th 2022

    I have been drinking Choffy for many years and have tried many blends, but this is my fave, bar none! It’s coffee-like but without any bitterness, and with a rich chocolate flavor. Fantastic! I love it with a vanilla almondmilk creamer, too.

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    Ecuador French roast.

    Posted by Steve Smith on Feb 7th 2022

    Best product. Very rich robust. Coffee like

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    Delicious, hot or cold

    Posted by Andrea on Feb 3rd 2022

    Choffy is a delicious drink, hot or cold. It is different from hot chocolate, which has of thickeners and lots of sugar. And I don't know if it's anything like coffee since I have never had coffee. Drink it for what it is, and enjoy. Cheers!

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    Posted by Jeanette on Apr 14th 2019

    I believe I first saw Choffy on an advertisement on social media and spent a year hemming and hawing about if I should try it or not. What a wasted and sad year that was now that I know what I was missing! I'm a convert! I will NEVER go back to coffee. I've tried many of your varieties and they were ALL delicious, but I love the Ecuador French Roast most of all! I cannot thank you enough for creating and supplying this fabulous product!

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