Volta (Ghana)

Choffy Brewed Cacao - Volta French Roast - 80oz Rich, Mocha-Like

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Volta French Roast

Volta French Roast Brewed Cacao takes the classic Volta flavor and pushes it to its darkest. It has a roasted, rich mocha-like flavor with some smokiness.

The 80 oz. (5lb) bag size provides a savings of $15.00 (that's like getting an extra 12 oz. bag for free!) compared to the equivalent in our smaller 12 oz. size.
Approximately 144-160 - 6 oz. servings

Cacao Health Benefit Fun Fact!

Cacao contains fiber that bacteria eat to create fatty acid chains. These fatty acids benefit your digestive system. Drinks made with cacao may also increase the number of good bacteria in your gut. Happy Gut, Healthy Life!

French Roast Fun Fact: French Roasts are darker roasts than dark roasts.


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    Rich, chocolatey—perfect WITH coffee!

    Posted by Robert Campbelle on Feb 10th 2023

    Although I enjoy Choffy as a great substitute/replacement for my morning coffee, I like it best when blended with my regular coffee. I like coffee very strong and dark, and Volta French Roast Choffy just enhances the richness.

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    Posted by Jon K on Sep 23rd 2020

    Hits the spot every time. Love it!

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