Volta (Ghana)

Choffy Brewed Cacao - Volta Dark - 80oz Rich Chocolaty & Smoky

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Dark Chocolaty Goodness

Our Volta Dark brewed chocolate brings more depth to the Volta flavor. It has a smooth, dark chocolate flavor with a hint of smokiness.

Brewed Cacao Savings!

The 80 oz. (5lb) bag size provides a savings of more than $19.00 (that's like getting an extra 12 oz. bag for free!) compared to the equivalent in our smaller 12 oz. size.

Approximately 144-160 - 6 oz. servings.

Cacao Coffee...What's That?

Brewed cacao is like brewed coffee except it's made with roasted cacao beans instead of coffee beans. Think of it as cacao coffee! it delivers a wonderful chocolate aroma and virtually has no sugar, fat and very few calories! Cacao coffee is good for your heart too! Cacao is an anti-inflammatory that lowers blood pressure, increases your HDL (the good) cholesterol, and lower LDL (the bad) cholesterol. Add to that how delicious it is! Say yes to an iced Cacao Coffee on a hot day, or warm it on on cold winter day!

Chocolaty Cacao Health Benefits- Fun Fact: 

Studes have shown that consumers of cacao have a lower risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Say no more... Cheers to you next cup of Choffy,


  • 5

    Volta Dark

    Posted by Valerie Smith on Aug 7th 2023

    In the beginning, I used a flavored creamer, half and half, or some steamed milk. Now, I drink it black. It satisfies my chocolate craving with no sugar... or substitutes. I look forward to the first cup of heaven every day. It is what I break fast with. So yummy.

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    Always a great product

    Posted by Jess on May 19th 2023

    Goes down smooth with a rich dark chocolatey taste

  • 5

    Morning Volta

    Posted by Ronn Rygg on Mar 17th 2023

    Volta Dark has replaced our morning coffee (we still drink coffee once in a while) and for us, it is a great start to beautiful day. And having a subscription keeps us from ever running out. Much appreciated!

  • 5

    Volta Dark

    Posted by Valerie on Feb 21st 2023

    This is my favorite. They chocolate is rich. It starts my day perfectly.

  • 5

    Answer to prayers

    Posted by Kristal Burton on Jan 11th 2023

    I love this blend. It is so milk chocolatey and satisfying. I add a little english toffee stevia and vanilla flavored milk/creamer and it hits the spot. For me, I don't like coffee, tea isn't satisfying, and hot chocolate is too sweet/sugary. Enter choffy - the full bodied, satisfying richness of brewed coffee, the wonderful flavor of chocolate and the antibodies/no caffeine of tea. This flavor is a staple in my house.

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    This is my favorite!

    Posted by Valerie Smith on Jan 9th 2023

    I'm a Dark Chocolate girl. This has replaced my coffee most days. The auto delivery option is the best!

  • 5

    Love the Big Bags and Auto Delivery!

    Posted by Valerie Smith on Jul 20th 2022

    It is my favorite Cacao. Love the big bags. I never want to run out. I keep sharing it with family and friends. They love it, too.

  • 5

    Volta Dark

    Posted by Valerie Smith on May 18th 2022

    I was gifted with my first Choffy Volta by my son and daughter-in-love on Mother's day 2021. There hasn't been a morning since that haven't either indulged in Choffy Cacao or longed for it. The Volta's are my favorite. I brew it in my French Press and the aroma is heavenly. I like it with a little mocha or hazelnut skinny syrup daily. For an extra treat I add in some half and half or a flavored creamer. Dress it like you dress your coffee, as a place to start. I love both the regular and the Dark Volta I keep returning to buy more. Chocolate without the guilt! And great customer service. Delivery time is great. Thanks Choffy

  • 5

    More the Better

    Posted by Tom on Dec 23rd 2021

    One of my favorite for it silky smooth taste

  • 5

    Tastes the BEST

    Posted by Cathy on Dec 3rd 2021

    French Vanilla Creamer is my favorite accompaniment with my Choffy every day!

  • 5

    great for a big family

    Posted by dana g. on Jun 4th 2020

    the best size for a big family. we all love it!

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