Volta (Ghana)

Choffy Brewed Cacao - Volta Medium - 32oz Rich Chocolaty Flavor

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Smooth Chocolate Flavor - Volta Medium 32 oz. 

Our Volta beans show off an exceptionally smooth chocolate flavor. The lightest of the Volta roasts, Volta Medium has a rich and smooth chocolate flavor.

The 32 oz. (2lb) bag size provides a savings of $4.00 compared to the equivalent in our smaller 12 oz. size.

Approximately 55-60 - 6 oz. servings.


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    Oh so good!

    Posted by Lisa Beltramo on Dec 5th 2022

    Perfectly chocolatey! Delightul warm or iced!

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    Posted by William on Sep 29th 2022

    I use Choffy to mix with my bulletproof coffee and I love the way this particular brew is smooth and creamy. It gives my bulletproof coffee a great flavor. If I split my ratio, half bulletproof coffee and half chaffy I get a rich tasting cafe mocha that I brew directly from my French press!

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    Choffy - Volta medium

    Posted by Brad A Halverson on Sep 27th 2022

    Excellent chocolate taste

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    Choffy Volta

    Posted by Catharine Murphy on Sep 9th 2022

    Love Choffy. My favorites are Volta and Ivory Coast. It certainly filled the void when I could no longer drink coffee.

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    Choffy - Volta

    Posted by Catharine Murphy on Jun 28th 2022

    I love Choffy. It is my go-to every afternoon. After trying different varieties, I like Volta and Ivory Coast best. I can no longer drink coffee, and Choffy has filled that void.

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    Volta (Ghana)

    Posted by Katrina C on Jan 24th 2022

    By far my favorite bean and roast. Beautiful depth of flavor! The description "rich chocolaty flavor" is spot on!

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    Rich chocolate flavor.

    Posted by Shirley Petrich on Jan 9th 2022

    Curbs the need for a chocolate bar.

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    Posted by Catharine Murphy on Dec 21st 2021

    I have been buying Ivory Coast for some time and decided to try Volta. I like it very much. BYW, just wanted to say that when I put in code for discount at check-out it did not work. Also, I do not know how to redeem my rewards. Other than this, I am delighted with Choffy since I cannot drink coffee or tea. Thank you!

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    Posted by Jackie Huizing on Dec 14th 2021

    Delicious! I make it in a pan on the stove, 16 oz total, consisting of 10oz of oat milk or almond milk and 6 oz of water. Heat slowly with 4 heaping spoons of Choffy, till gentle simmer. turn off heat and brew for 6 min. Strain through a regular metal strainer, I add monk fruit sweetener. Delicious!

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    Posted by Tom on Dec 7th 2021

    The Volta is one of our favorite Choffy flavors, thats why I ordered the 32oz

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    Volta Ghana

    Posted by Tim Bradshaw on Oct 20th 2021

    Enjoy my Choffy as a Keto replacement drink.

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    Posted by Mar Lopata on Sep 2nd 2021

    Yummy! I use it to make a pot mocha coffee and enjoy flavor and health benefits all at once! Great to find a larger sized bag of Cacao!

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