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Do you ever feel like all you want in life is to have someone understand you? Just a person that shares similar ideas, desires and dreams?  Many times in life and in business you find yourself alone, and with no resources, or even a friendly face.  Yesterday, I had a great opportunity to meet someone like me.  A guy with a great product. Building his little company on his own and going through all of the same struggles in business that all entrepreneurs find themselves facing.  Christopher Campbell is the founder of (wait for it!!!!!) "The Beach Bark Brittle Company." Christopher and his wife have been building their little company for about three years and are kind, authentic, sweet people.  You can find their story at:


Okay, enough about them, now on to the good stuff.  They make bark brittle.  For those who do not know what these little pieces of heaven are, let me explain.  They are a brittle caramel, with some type of graham cracker, topped with chocolates and a variety of different things.  Christopher was so excited about meeting, that he drove down to the shop and brought me a bunch of goodies.  Check out these pics:

They are super good and are handmade with premium ingredients and are made in small batches. (Hey, that sounds like us!!!), which made me think: "What would Bark Brittle and Choffy pair like?  Answer: LIKE HEAVEN!!!  It was soo good! And this is where the real magic begun.

Rarely do I drink Choffy black.  I will, but it's not normal, but with a little bark brittle it was awesome!!  I tried pairing different types of Choffy with different types of brittle and they are all great combinations!

We sat, ate brittle, drank Choffy, we talked and at the end of the day I realized that I had a new friend and had found a great new product.  I love to buy local, buy US and support small businesses.  Beach Bark Brittle is exactly that.  I love the entrepreneurial spirit and am so happy to be able to tell you about a great product that you can eat while you are drinking Choffy.

Christopher gave me this code to share with you all.  Use this code: DK91342491YP  at: https://www.beachbarkbrittle.com

You will get 10% off your order.  I hope that you all stay safe, stay healthy and with Choffy and this great little product you just might stay sane!!

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