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Welcome to the Choffy Rewards Program

Many Reward programs are designed to reward customers for their loyal support.  We created the the Choffy Rewards program to show our loyalty to our customers too.  
We appreciate your loyalty to Choffy, and we commit to continue providing an excellent product, with exceptional service.

The Choffy Rewards program offers special perks to our special customers.  As a registered retail customer you earn one Reward point for every dollar you spend. 
 Occasionally, Choffy will hold special promotions specifically for Reward Program participants.

The Choffy Rewards program is effective January 1, 2015.

What is the Choffy Rewards Program?

The Choffy Rewards Program was created reward our regular customers for their continued support of Choffy.  Every registered retail customer is enrolled in the program 
and will accrue reward points on all qualifying purchases.  These points can been redeemed for free products on future Choffy purchases.

Occasionally Choffy will hold special promotions within our Choffy Rewards Program which may include extra bonus points, or exclusive merchandise.

How does the Choffy Rewards Program work?

All registered retail customers are automatically enrolled in the Choffy Rewards Program and will earn Reward points on all qualifying purchases.  
Once enough points are accumulated they may be redeemed for free Choffy products.

Select “Redeem for points” on eligible products to add the product to your cart using your Choffy Reward Program points.

How do I earn Reward points?

Choffy Reward points are awarded automatically with every purchase you make at Choffy.com.

One dollar is equal to one reward point.

How do I enroll in the Choffy Rewards Program?

Just register as a customer on Choffy.com.  All retail customers will be automatically enrolled and begin accumulating points right away.  No additional signup is required.

How can I talk to someone about my account?

If you have any questions or comments about the Choffy Rewards program or your account, please use the Contact Us page, or email us at [email protected] 
To talk to an associate, please call 702-623-9223 during normal office hours:  Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 3pm Pacific time.

Is there a cost for joining the Choffy Rewards program?

No, joining is absolutely free!

Do I earn Reward points on everything I purchase?

Rewards are earned on all net purchases (all Choffy purchases less any returns, promotional discounts, sales tax or shipping). Purchases using a promotional discount, 
or gift certificate will not earn Reward points except when the purchase amount exceeds the value of the receipt, discount, or gift certificate. For example, if redeeming 
a $25 gift card on a $100 purchase, you will earn Rewards on the remaining $75 of the purchase amount.

Why didn't I earn Reward points on my Choffy purchases from my local store, or on Amazon.com?

You only earn Reward points on purchases made at Choffy.com.  Purchases made from a third party do not qualify for Reward points.

Why are negative transactions listed in my purchases?

The negative transactions in your account are for item(s) that were purchased and later returned. The Reward points that were earned at the time of the purchase were deducted 
from your account when the item(s) were returned.

Do I earn Reward points on sales tax or shipping costs?

No.  Reward points are earned on all net purchases (all Choffy product purchases less any returns, promotional discounts, sales tax or shipping).

Can I transfer my Reward points to another person?

No.  Reward points are not transferable.

Is there a minimum purchase amount required when redeeming Choffy Reward points?

No.  You may redeem your Choffy Reward points for any eligible product.

Do I have to log in?

Yes.  In order to receive Choffy Reward points for your purchase, you must be a registered customer and logged in to your account.

Why do you need my email address?

A valid email address is your unique account identifier.  It is required to log in to your customer account.  By registering with Choffy.com you will have access to your past purchases,
 adjusting your recurring orders, tracking your shipments, and checking on your Reward points balance. Choffy respects your privacy and your inbox.  We only send emails to our 
customers when we have something important or exciting to share which would include product updates, promotions, new product releases, or special offerings.

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