About Us

Choffy family, 

As dramatic as it sounds, our Choffy Story starts out with a dream.

While envisioning a new way of helping others and bettering society, Jason Vanderhoven quite literally had a dream about the creation of modern-day Choffy. The previously world-renowned software developer dreamt that he was back in Brazil, where he lived for 2 years. In his dream, he was offered a drink. As is customary in Brazil, he assumed it was coffee. Tempted to kindly decline due to religious beliefs, he took the drink anyway. Upon taking a sip, he described a “dam of memories” seeming to release and flood past him, in which he saw the development and creation of Choffy, the failures and successes, the people he worked with, the people he helped, and ultimately that Choffy had made it to Brazil and all over the world,

  and was helping people to become healthier and happier. Of course, once he woke up, he responded how any other person would. He laughed at the idea of him ebcoming a chocolatier, shook his head, then rolled over to go back to bed. He however, could not shake the dream. So he decided to look into it, then one thing led to another, and suddenly he was roasting cocao beans in his kitchen oven (100% not recommended).  
 Over the course of the next several years, Jason and his family started to build up Choffy to be what it is today; A family-run, family-centered company based on the ideals of helping others and bringing to the world a product that would make people smile. 

As we mentioned, our company is based on the ideals of helping others and bringing to the world a product that would make people smile. We have listed our core values for all to read in hopes they inspire you.


C- Care for all :


Here at Choffy, we choose to be kind and care for everyone we cross paths with. We challenge all those in our Choffy family to do the same! Share a mug of Choffy with someone, post a picture with the hashtag #choffysharethelove to receive a free mini Choffy bag of your choice (3.5 oz)


H- Health and healthy living :


     As Choffy is a superfood, we heavily believe in leading healthy lives. We promote healthy dietary choices for people all ages being that Choffy is great for everyone of all ages! To learn more about Choffy’s health benefits, click here!


O- Outstanding service :


     Our Choffy family is our 1st priority. Since anyone and everyone can be a part of our Choffy family, when you are happy, we are happy! Our goal is to ensure that you have the best experience ordering from us.


F- Family first : 


Choffy has been a family business since its birth and proudly maintains the title. We enjoy the closeness and the quality of care that we can give to our Choffy family. Since family comes first, we will always act in the best interest of you and ensure that we can help you in any way possible!


F- Finding joy :


With the naturally-occurring Serotonin in Choffy, we believe wholeheartedly in finding the joy in life. It can be as simple as a cup of Choffy on an early, foggy morning, seeing the smile on a friends face when you offer them a cup, or enjoying the freedom of a non-addictive coffee alternative. Whatever you do, do it for joy!


Y- You matter! :


Lastly, you matter! Every single person in our Choffy family matters and is valued. We honestly cannot tell you all enough how much we appreciate your support and your love. You keep us going, and for that we are so grateful!


We hope that by reading this letter that we've inspired you to both follow your dreams (even quite literally) and take care of others. We love you all and are grateful for all the support we've received


- The Choffy Team 

(Jason, Sarah, Autumn, and Gabe)