Common Questions Ambassadors Have

Click on the "Log Into Your Portal" button below to access your portal. You can also log in on our main Ambassador page. We recommend saving the website to your favorites bar on your computer for easy access!

We pay out to our Ambassadors once you hit $100 or more in your account. You can get a 'pay out' sooner however by exchanging the money in your account with store credits to purchase your Choffy!

You can share Choffy through unboxing videos, videos or photos on how you brew Choffy, sharing your favorite flavor and why, posting your personalized link, sharing recipes you make with your Choffy, and anything else you might think of!

When you log into your account, click on the 'Settings' page and scroll down until you find the referral code area. This is where you can change it to be whatever you'd like. We do ask that codes have clean language as any codes that are changed to be derogatory, offensive, or innapropriate will be deleted.

When you log into your account, click on the 'Settings' page and fill in the profile section with your social media tags.

Step-by-step coming soon!