Choffy - Coffee Replacement?

Mar 30th 2021

Are you addicted to coffee? Are you looking for a coffee replacement but can't find one worth anything?If you are looking for a coffee replacement for whatever reason, be it high blood pressure, acid … read more

Choffy (Brewed Cacao) makes you happy!

Posted by Sarah Vanderhoven on Sep 29th 2020

Feeling stressed? Upset? Down on life? We have an answer for you! Chocolate makes everyone happy, but Choffy especially makes people happy, and here’s why! Choffy (cacao) stimulates the body to relea … read more

How I Choffy

Posted by Sarah Vanderhoven on Jan 10th 2020

Posted by Sarah Vanderhoven on 1/10/2020 to NewsHi guys! It’s Sarah here. I run the social media accounts for Choffy, but I’m also a collegiate dancer at Brigham Young University. On top of having a … read more

Manage stress, learn and remember better!

Posted by Jason Vanderhoven on Oct 26th 2019

Mid-October is here and that means that all of the real work of school, work, after school activities, etc are starting to get intense. If your family is anything like mine, then your kids are com … read more