How I Choffy

How I Choffy

Posted by Sarah Vanderhoven on Jan 10th 2020

Posted by Sarah Vanderhoven on 1/10/2020 to News

Hi guys! It’s Sarah here. I run the social media accounts for Choffy,

but I’m also a collegiate dancer at Brigham Young University.

On top of having a crazy busy school and work schedule, I have several workouts and dance practices

throughout the day. The only way I get through it is Choffy! It’s the perfect pre and post

workout drink, and it helps keep me focused in all of my academic classes and during work.

I’m going to show you a day in the life of Sarah Vanderhoven and how I use Choffy to make my day a million times better!

My Schedule:

6:30 am - wake up time: Time to get ready for the day, pack my bags (school, work, and dance bags) and make a k-cup in my mint green single serve keurig. It’s a LIFESAVER! It’s super fast and makes a great brew that fits perfect in my to-go mug! (I make two and pack two mugs of Choffy, you’ll see why)

7:30 am - first work session: I split up my work hours to make sure that I’m coordinating with all of our Choffy fans

at the optimal time for them and to work hand-in-hand, or should I say phone-to-phone, with the Choffy Headquarters

in Las Vegas. Choffy is a perfect drink to get me focused and present in the morning.

9:00 am - first dance block: My school dance classes are from 9-11. We work on technique and endurance, so we

are dancing at either competition speed or working on some heavy technical aspects that require attention, scrutiny

to detail, and precise movements. I use Choffy as “pre-workout” before dance to enhance my memory, cognitive

thinking ability, and to increase blood flow to maximize the oxygen that is being delivered to my cells and muscles.

This allows for my muscles to be less fatigued, which is imperative for a dancer.

11:00 am - academic classes: I study exercise science as a pre-med undergraduate

which means I have a lot of heavy science classes on my schedule and in my future.

During these, I drink my second to-go mug of Choffy made earlier this morning

(Bless Contigo’s Byron 16-Oz. Thermal Cup! It keeps my Choffy hot for SO long!)

3:00 pm - second work session: I work from my apartment so I get to make yet another cup of Choffy

(no, I’m not joking, I’m just hooked)

6:00 pm - dance practice and gym time: Right before I leave my apartment for dance practice, I make an

espresso cup of Choffy. This works great to really get a punch of antioxidants and a little pick me up

before practice and the gym.

10:00 pm - study session: I review all of my notes from the days lectures and come up with questions

that I need to ask in the next lecture. I have my last cup of Choffy during this time and then head to bed.

Choffy has no caffeine, so I can drink right before going to bed and sleep great after!

As you can tell, Choffy is an irreplaceable part of my life. I wouldn’t be able to be working,

dancing collegiately, and studying as a pre-med student without it! This is how I Choffy!

How do you Choffy? We’d love to hear how you use your Choffy in your day! Post a picture on

instagram, tag @drinkchoffy and hashtag #howIchoffy, and tell and we’ll repost it and give you a 5$ off

coupon the next time you purchase!