Volta (Ghana)

Choffy Brewed Cacao - Volta Dark K.Cups 31 Count (Bulk) Rich Chocolaty & Smoky

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 Dark Chocolately Flavor Economically!

This is the most economical way to have Choffy K-Cups!

  Volta Dark brewed cacao brings more depth to the Volta flavor. It has a smooth, dark chocolate flavor with a hint of smokiness. More than just pure convenience, Choffy K-Cups are top notch quality products.  

  • Designed for the 2.0 Hot brewers (works in all K-Cup brewers)
  • Each K-Cup makes 12 oz (10 oz even on a 1.0 brewer)  
  • Just remember to set your machine to the hottest setting and the strongest brew!

This pack contains 31 K-Cups.

Cacao Health Benefit - Fun Fact:

Long live the Flavanols! A specific flavanol in cacao called epicatechin may help with some parts of brain health, including cognition, blood flow, and risk of dementia.




  • 5

    Choffy/Volta Dark K Cups

    Posted by Debra Juliano on Mar 10th 2022

    The best of the Choffy products. A great, full bodied chocolate flavor. It is my favorite!

  • 5

    Choffy/Volta Dark K Cups

    Posted by Debra Juliano on Sep 20th 2021

    Volta is my favorite Choffy. It is rich and has a great chocolate flavor. I would recommend it for the flavor and great health benefits. I have been drinking it for several years.

  • 5

    Choffy/Volta Dark K Cups

    Posted by Debra on Aug 6th 2021

    Choffy is a delicious, low calorie chocolate treat with health benefits. I drink it everyday and recommend it highly!

  • 5

    Love these!

    Posted by Beryl L on Mar 26th 2020

    I love how simple these are to make Choffy. Choffy helps me to get going in the morning since coronavirus shutdown has got me totally down, and they taste good.

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