Brewed Cacao - Ecuador Dark Roast 32oz

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Brews Like Coffee with a Rich Chocolaty Aroma

Great coffee alternative!!

Ecuador Dark Roast has a complex, robust and chocolaty flavor. When we describe it, we say that it is kind of like a European dark styled chocolate. Deeper Chocolate tones, smooth and leaves you with a chocolaty aftertaste and satisfying finish.
The 32 oz. (2lb) bag size provides a savings of $4.00 compared to the equivalent in our smaller 12 oz. size.

Approximately 55-60 - 6 oz. servings.

Theobromine Fun fact:

Theobromine is the healthy alternative to caffeine. This stimulant and vasodialator increases blood flow. When asked if theobromine will keep you awake, the answer is that there is no evidence to that affect. What we do know is that people looking for a coffee alternative turn to Choffy! You have to taste it and then you will understand why! It's delicious!


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    Ecuador Dark Roast

    Posted by Beth on Dec 20th 2022

    After trying a few different Choffy flavors, I've settled on this one as my favorite. I like it so much that I have it delivered every 3 weeks now. Great deal when subscribing!

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    Ecuador Dark Roast

    Posted by Beth on Dec 8th 2022

    I don't tolerate coffee but love the ritual of a hot morning beverage. This is perfect for me. I love the taste and if I want a bit of sweetness, I stir in a small piece of dark chocolate. Excellent!

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    Ecuador dark roast

    Posted by Michael R. Stevenson PhD on Oct 15th 2022

    I do enjoy the dark roasts!

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    Love it!

    Posted by Kendra P on Sep 10th 2022

    Since quitting coffee, I have really enjoyed my cup of Choffy every morning…. And sometimes afternoon. No gut wrenching and no zinging!

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    Ecuador Dark Roast

    Posted by Lex Potter on Feb 21st 2022

    Very good! My wife and I make Bullet Proof Choffy every morning.

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    Ecuador Dark

    Posted by Tom on Dec 7th 2021

    This one is the most richest, smoothest chocolate tasting flavors of Choffy for us. That’s why we ordered more!

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    Awesome Coffee Substitute

    Posted by Debbie on Nov 24th 2021

    If you love dark chocolate and love the “roasted smell” of coffee but can’t drink coffee, I recommend Choffee. I love this stuff, and specifically the Ecuador Dark Roast. It’s the perfect mix of that roasted taste and smell, and chocolate. I’ve enjoyed all of the Choffee drinks I’ve tried, but this is my go-to.

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    Love it

    Posted by John Doyle on Nov 16th 2021

    Awesome coffee alternative.

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    Ecuador Dark

    Posted by Linda on Sep 27th 2021

    Love it! It's my after dinner drink and chocolate fix most evenings; dessert without the calories.

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    My favorite roast so far!

    Posted by Emily on Sep 8th 2021

    If you’re looking for a coffee substitute this one is by far the best!

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    Posted by Jennifer Pinti on Oct 16th 2020

    Rich & smooth and perfectly chocolaty.

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    best chocolate of the world

    Posted by Penelope Benalcazar on May 21st 2019

    I am a consumer of dark chocolate brew from ECUADOR. I think honestly is the best chocolate of the world.

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