Choffy Brewed Cacao - Variety K.Cup Ultimate Saver Pack 80 ct. (Bulk)

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Product Overview

 Choffy Brewed Cacao Comes In K-Cups!

The great taste of our IC Dark and our latest, Volta Dark products all wrapped up in the convenience of single serve cups are really quite awesome, but we have had a lot of people that have asked which one they should get.  To that question we say "Get them all!"  Enjoy the great flavors that Choffy has to offer in this K-Cup Variety Set.  Get a an even split of each type of K Cup that we offer!

This is the most economical way to have Choffy K-Cups, plus with this pack shipping FREE!

 Cacao Coffee As Some Like To Call It!

More than just pure convenience, Choffy K.Cups are top notch quality products, which were designed for the 2.0 Hot brewers. Each k-cup makes 12 oz and if you don't have a 2.0 Keurig, don't worry, our cups will brew 10 oz even on a 1.0 brewer!  Just remember to set your machine to the hottest setting and the strongest brew!

Can Cacao Replace Coffee- Fun Fact:

Our customers say "YES"! Brewed cacaol brews just like coffee. You get 350 mg of theobromine and approximately 15 mg of coffeine per 8oz cup. That's why brewed cacao is called, The Coffee Alternative!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review