How to Brew in a French Press 

(Best & Strongest Method)

1. Add 2 TBS of Choffy per 6 oz of water to press

2. Pour boiling water over Choffy grounds
3. Stir & steep for 3 minutes, then repeat this step
4. Press filter down completely
5. Serve & enjoy black, or with creamer/sweetners

Our Suggestions for French Pressed Choffy

How to Brew in a Coffee Maker 

(Best Balance for Taste and Convenience)

1. Use a permanent filter, gold or nylon mesh
2. Add 2 TBS per 6 oz of water to the filter
3. Select the hottest brew temperature
4. Select the boldest setting and brew
5. Serve & enjoy black, or with creamer/sweetners

Great Choffys for a Coffee Maker!

How to Make a Single Cup of Choffy

(Most Convenient)
There are a number of ways that you can make a single cup of Choffy.
1. The easiest way is to use our Choffy single serve cups.
 2. You can also use tea infusers.  Just make sure that you use boiling water and steep 4-6 mins.
2.  An Aeropress or other single serve machines also work well to make your own cup of Choffy.

Single Serves Cups are Easy and Convenient!

Once you have made Choffy, you can drink it black, or you can use sweeteners, creamers, honey, agave, or just about anything else that you would like to add!