Choffy Brewed Cacao - 10oz Ecuador Variety Set

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Ecuador Variety Set

The best way to get both of the amazing flavors that this estate has to offer.  


Ecuador Dark Roast

Ecuador dark is a rich robust and complex chocolatey flavor. It's more like a european-style dark chocolate with deep refined chocolatey tones.

Chocolately Goodness in Every Cup!

This brewed cacao is our most popular product and is absolutely fantastic for any palette that enjoys dark chocolate.

This 10oz bag makes approximately 36-42 6 oz. servings.

Ecuador French Roast-Brewed Cacao That's The Best Coffee Replacement!

Ecuador French Roast is probably the best coffee replacement that exists! Brewed like coffee,  it has a coffee-like flavor with a nice roasted, smoky component.  This brewed cacao is the absolute best brewed cacao for a coffee replacement. It tastes better than any other coffee replacement on the market.  

Looking For Energy? Theobromine to the Rescue

Choffy brewed cacao contains a natural stimutant (theobromine) that helps those who are trying to kick coffee to come off of caffeine without experiencing total withdrawals.  You get a healthy stimulant that encourages healthy blood flow by dilating the vascular system. 

Natural Health Benefits with Antioxidants

Ecuador French Roast  has antioxidants to boost your immune system just like the rest of our Choffy lineup.  You can drink this Choffy, love the flavor and get all of the amazing benefits that a brewed cacao has to offer.  It is the most popular product in our coffee replacement line.  

We hope that you love this Choffy.  Just an FYI:

Ecuador French Roast is the inventor's most favorite Choffy!

This 10oz bag makes approximately 36-42 6 oz. servings.


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    Posted by Sue on May 15th 2023

    Great taste!!

  • 5


    Posted by Connie Schmidt on May 28th 2022

    I love it! Yummy chocolate flavor without all the calories plus all the health benefits! What’s not to love?!

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