Choffy Brewed Cacao - 32oz. Press and 12oz. Ultimate Variety Set

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Product Overview

Chocolate Lovers, This is Your Product! The Choffy Ultimate Variety Pack

The Ultimate Variety Set is finally here. Now you can try all of the varieties that Choffy has to offer and save!  It also comes with a 32oz Choffy Press, which is perfect for making the best Choffy!  

Lot's of Brewed Cacao to Choose From!

This set features all of our 12oz. bags: Ivory Coast, IC Dark, IC French, Volta, Volta Dark, Volta French, Ecuador Dark and Ecuador French.


Cacao Beans...Fun Fact!

Yes, everyone has jumped on the cacao healthy band wagon! Choffy is fondly known as a GREAT COFFEE ALTERNATIVE because it is brewed just like coffee, has a great taste, and give you theobromine which gives you an energy boost.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review