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Choffy Brewed Cacao - Ivory Coast Medium - 10oz Light Chocolaty & Grainy

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Chocolaty and Healthy - Brewed Cacao Ivory Coast Medium Roast 

Ivory Coast medium roast bird Cacao is our oldest and longest running product. It is an iconic flavor of Choffy and is a crowd favorite. This 10oz bag will make approximately 36-42 - 6 oz. servings.

Chocolaty Flavor For All Chocolate Lovers

Ivory Coast Medium Roast has a light chocolaty flavor with hints of natural grains and has a very smooth finish. This brewed cacao has been around for so long for a reason!

The Bottom Line: It is super chocolaty and is an iconic flavor of brewed cacao!

Cacao Coffee...Wht's That?

Brewed cacao is like brewed coffee except it's made with roasted cacao beans instead of coffee beans. Think of it as cacao coffee! it delivers a wonderful chocolate aroma and virtually has no sugar, fat and very few calories! Cacao coffee is good for your heart too! Cacao is an anti-inflammatory that lowers blood pressure, increases your HDL (the good) cholesterol, and lower LDL (the bad) cholesterol. Add to that how delicious it is! Say yes to an iced Cacao Coffee on a hot day, or warm it on on cold winter day!


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    love my choffy

    Posted by lexi on Jan 4th 2023

    i love drinking choffy in the morning before my classes. ❤️8 am calculus would be terrible with it😂😂😂

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    medium roast

    Posted by dallin h on Jun 26th 2022

    Love the medium roast. Like a healthy hot chocolate

  • 5

    the best

    Posted by kimberly watkins on May 29th 2022

    choffy team was super helpful with all my questions!! Such a great company and product!!!!!

  • 5

    Ivory coast

    Posted by Jameson M on Nov 1st 2021

    My kids love it.

  • 5

    great drink

    Posted by Julianna Soza on Apr 6th 2021

    My husband and I love it

  • 5


    Posted by adam on Jul 2nd 2020


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