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Choffy Brewed Cacao - Ivory Coast Dark - 10oz - Brewing Cocoa

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Ivory Coast Dark Brewed Cacao - 10 oz. The Coffee Alternative!

Our Ivory Coast dark brewed cacao has a light chocolatey flavor with subtle earthy tones and a little bit of a roasted Smoky component. This is our most popular product by volume and is sure to please any chocolate lover. 

The chocolate-lovers perfect size for 1-2 people

If you live in a household of 1-2 people, our 10 oz bags are the perfect size for you!

Cacao Coffee...Yum!

Brewed cacao is like brewed coffee except it's made with roasted cacao beans instead of coffee beans. Think of it as cacao coffee! it delivers a wonderful chocolate aroma and virtually has no sugar, fat and very few calories! Cacao coffee is good for your heart too! Cacao is an anti-inflammatory that lowers blood pressure, increases your HDL (the good) cholesterol, and lower LDL (the bad) cholesterol. Add to that how delicious it is! Say yes to an iced Cacao Coffee on a hot day, or warm it on on cold winter day!

Choffy offers:

  • TONS OF ANTIOXIDANTS - Did you know that in just 8 oz of Choffy Brewed Chocolate you get more antioxidants than you would in 1.5 servings of blueberries? It's true! And the they are some of the harder working antioxidants, which means that they buffer lactic acid out of your muscles and vital organs, and fight free radicals.
  • WHOLE30 APPROVED, PALEO AND VEGAN - We are pleased to announce that Choffy has been accepted into the Whole30 family! Having only 1 ingredient, Choffy is the definition of whole food; no additives, no fillers, nothing but 100% amazing, chocolaty, good-for-you cacão.
  • HEALTHY STIMULANT - Theobromine is a healthy stimulant that is gentle on your system. It's a vasodilator, which means that it stimulates the vascular system to open up and allow for healthier blood flow. It gives you more energy, but not the messy energy from caffeine. You get a clean boost of energy that last longer than caffeine, but is healthy for you.
  • GREAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS - Cacao also helps with weight loss! Portions of the Cacao bean have been proven to help your body stop from digesting certain fats. It also helps allow your body to produce muscle, leading to burning more calories.

Additional Information

  • Flavor Profile:
    Light Chocolaty Flavor with Earthy Tones
  • Who Would Like This?:
    Perfect for people who prefer light or milk chocolate flavors!
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      My Daily Pleasure

      Posted by Julie on Jan 24th 2023

      I've been a Choffy drinker for over 10 years now. Ivory Coast Dark is my favorite-- it's actually the only one I drink now. I can drink 4 cups a day without jitters and I know I'm getting lots of antioxidants and nutrients. I would highly recommend Choffy (the product AND the company!) to anyone!

    • 5

      Choffy Ivory Coast and Volta

      Posted by Catharine Murphy on Oct 14th 2022

      Love them both. I can no longer drink tea (except herbal-Yuk), or coffee. Choffy is the perfect solution for me. Always hits the spot and I look forward to a cup every afternoon. Thank you for such a quick delivery always.

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