Choffy Brewed Cacao - Nigeria Dark Roast 32oz

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Nigeria Dark Roast - This roast is something special.  It has been hard for us to put our finger on what makes this so special, but woah.  It is AMAZING.  People have referred to it as “The Game Changer”, “ The Best”, “The Enigma”.  It has been so popular amongst the test group that we have had people from that test group knocking on my door late at night begging for more!

It has a Dark Chocolaty Flavor that is smooth and has a nice roasted component.  It is complex and has an aftertaste that is oh so nice.

Approximately 55-60 - 6 oz. servings.

Theobromine Fun fact:

Theobromine is the healthy alternative to caffeine. This stimulant and vasodialator increases blood flow. When asked if theobromine will keep you awake, the answer is that there is no evidence to that affect. What we do know is that people looking for a coffee alternative turn to Choffy! You have to taste it and then you will understand why! It's delicious!


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    Nigeria dark

    Posted by Michael R. Stevenson PhD on Aug 28th 2023

    My favorite!

  • 4

    Nigeria Dark

    Posted by Christine Hughes on Apr 8th 2023

    I was excited to try this new flavor as I am a huge fan of dark chocolate. The flavor was a little stronger than I anticipated. This would be a good blend for former coffee drinkers.

  • 5

    Choffy Nigeria dark

    Posted by Michael R. Stevenson PhD on Dec 26th 2022

    The best product Choffy offers!

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    Nigeria dark roast by Choffy

    Posted by Michael R. Stevenson PhD on Jul 12th 2022

    Delicious brew that’s impossible to resist!

  • 5

    Nigeria dark roast

    Posted by Michael R. Stevenson PhD on May 2nd 2022

    Wonderful addition to an already outstanding lineup of dark roast cacao!

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