Choffy Brewed Cacao - Nigeria French Roast - 32oz

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Nigeria French Roast - This is a cool product.  It is roasted dark.  It is definitely one that I would put into the “Coffee Replacement” line.  Complex, robust, smoky, smooth and coffee-like with it’s own finish that has chocolate notes.  In this category Nigeria French Roast is right at the top with Ecuador.  They are uniquely different and uniquely awesome.  If you like Ecuador French Roast, then Nigeria French Roast is a nice splash of variety to our darkest roasted Choffys.

This 32oz French Roast will make approx. 62-66 Servings

Brewed Cacao Contains Theobromine:

Theobromine is the healthy alternative to caffeine. This stimulant and vasodialator increases blood flow. When asked if theobromine will keep you awake, the answer is that there is no evidence to that affect.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review