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Ecuador French Roast Brewed Chocolate is The Best Coffee Replacement!

Ecuador French Roast is probably the best coffee replacement that exists! Brewed like coffee,  it has a coffee-like flavor with a nice roasted, smoky component.  This brewed cacao is the absolute best brewed cacao for a coffee replacement. It tastes better than any other coffee replacement on the market.  

Looking For Energy? Theobromine to the Rescue

Choffy brewed cacao contains a natural stimutant (theobromine) that helps those who are trying to kick coffee to come off of caffeine without experiencing total withdrawals.  You get a healthy stimulant that encourages healthy blood flow by dilating the vascular system. 

Natural Health Benefits with Antioxidants

Ecuador French Roast  has antioxidants to boost your immune system just like the rest of our Choffy lineup.  You can drink this Choffy, love the flavor and get all of the amazing benefits that a brewed cacao has to offer.  It is the most popular product in our coffee replacement line.  

We hope that you love this Choffy.  Just an FYI:

Ecuador French Roast is the inventor's most favorite Choffy!


The 10 oz. bag will make approximately 36 - 42 - 6 oz. servings.

The 32 oz. (2lb) bag size provides a savings of $11.00 (that's like getting an extra 10 oz. bag for free!) compared to the equivalent in our smaller 10 oz. size.

Approximately 55-60 - 6 oz. servings.

The 80 oz. (5lb) bag size provides a savings of over  $39.00 (that's like getting more than 2 1/2 - 10 oz. bag for free!) compared to the equivalent in our smaller 10 oz. size.
Approximately 144-160 - 6 oz. servings.

Additional Information

  • Flavor Profile:
    Complex, Robust and Coffee-Like
  • Who Would Like This?:
    Coffee drinks or anyone who loves extremely dark chocolate
  • Reviews(14)

    • 5

      Excellent taste! Ecuador French Roast

      Posted by Lisa on Feb 19th 2023

      Ecuador French Roast has the closest coffee taste. I really enjoy the bitterness.

    • 4

      Choffy Ecuador French Roast

      Posted by Deanna Mahone on Dec 6th 2022

      I LOVE rich strong black coffe, but my doctor told me to stop drink coffee and black tea for health reasons. He recommended Choffy. I bought the strongest I could buy, being the Ecuador French Roast. Upon opening the bad, the aroma of chocolate (which I am addicted to) wafter through my nostrils in such a food way!! After brewing, I noticed the flavor was much more like coffee than chocolate! HEAVEN!! The ONLY reason I gave 4 stars was because I have to use 5 tablespoons to reach the deep dark taste I like. I have since put it on autoship. If you're looking for a coffee replacement, this is it!!

    • 5

      Ecuador French Roast

      Posted by Janice Lozano on Oct 18th 2022

      Rich taste with chocolate undertones.

    • 5

      Love it

      Posted by John Doyle on Jul 24th 2022

      I drink it every day and it's a great coffee substitute.!

    • 5

      Ecuador French Roast is a great way to start the day

      Posted by Danny Stewart on Mar 31st 2022

      I love the rich, smooth smoky flavor of Ecuador French Roast. I've started almost every morning this winter with a large cup to take to work. Love it!

    • 5

      My favorite Choffy!

      Posted by Heidi on Mar 6th 2022

      I have been drinking Choffy for many years and have tried many blends, but this is my fave, bar none! It's coffee-like but without any bitterness, and with a rich chocolate flavor. Fantastic! I love it with a vanilla almondmilk creamer, too.

    • 5

      Ecuador French roast.

      Posted by Steve Smith on Feb 6th 2022

      Best product. Very rich robust. Coffee like

    • 5

      Delicious, hot or cold

      Posted by Andrea on Feb 2nd 2022

      Choffy is a delicious drink, hot or cold. It is different from hot chocolate, which has of thickeners and lots of sugar. And I don't know if it's anything like coffee since I have never had coffee. Drink it for what it is, and enjoy. Cheers!

    • 5

      Ecuador French roast

      Posted by Richard Modena on Jan 30th 2022

      I replaced my cuppa coffee with Ecuador French roast a couple years ago and honestly I look forward to having a large cup of choffy every morning because now I don’t get the heartburn I did with coffee Thank you Cioffi for a unique way to start my day

    • 5

      Ecuador French Roast

      Posted by Nanette Deal on Oct 17th 2021

      It’s nice and dark, robust with lots of body. We always put a tiny bit of Irish butter and some cream in ours. Today I made Mexican coffee: added a tiny squeeze of lemon, cayenne, and cinnamon. Wow, it was delicious!

    • 5

      Great cup of cacao

      Posted by Aneeaa on Oct 14th 2021

      Chofu shipped quickly and Ecuador French roast as advertised. The flavor is smooth and reproducible in my French press. YUMMY!!

    • 5


      Posted by Karen K on Oct 12th 2019

      This is the bag I get every time! Love, the dark and deep flavors. Keep up the good work, Choffy!

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