FAQ - Brewing Questions

How can you brew Choffy?

You can brew Choffy is a french press, percolator, drip machine, pour over, keurig machine, espresso machine, and virtually any other brewing mechanism.

Why is a gold filter better than a paper filter?

Paper filters tend to clog up and fail at brewing, whereas gold filters brew a perfect brew every time!

Can I brew Choffy in an espresso machine? A Keurig machine?

Yes and yes! Choffy brews an amazing espresso, and our k-cups brew great in a Keurig machine.

Can I cold brew?

Unfortunately we have yet to find the perfect way to cold brew Choffy, however we are continually working to find a solution! Cocoa butter repels water, due to it being an oil, unless it is warm enough for it to dissolve and allow the hot water to extract the flavor.

How do I get a stronger brew?

The best way to get the strongest brew is to brew in a french press. If brewing in a drip machine, you can select a 1-4 cup or bold brew setting to make a stronger, more robust brew. If using a french press, allowing the brew to steep for a longer time will make the brew stronger! Our recommendation for a strong flavor is the Ecuador French Roast or any of our French Roasts.