Choffy versus other brewed cacao

Choffy is the original brewed cacao/chocolate drink and the best brewed cacao in the world! We have developed our product through years of research on the cacao bean, and continually work to improve it everyday!

Choffy versus coffee

Choffy gives you more natural energy than the caffeine does in coffee, and it lasts 4-6 times longer! Choffy is not acidic like coffee is, and it has so many health benefits that our only ingredient, cacao beans, are considered a superfood! In terms of taste, Choffy is more chocolatey than coffee, but it our Ecuador French roast is extremely coffee-like. 

Choffy versus hot chocolate

Choffy is a much healthier alternative to hot chocolate. Hot chocolate has many different additives, such as sugar, wax and fillers, that taint any of the health benefits from cacao. Because Choffy only has one ingredient (cacao), the health benefits stay intact!

Choffy versus cocoa/cacao nibs

Choffy is more finely ground than cacao nibs sold in a store. We also roast Choffy in our own special roasting process. We do use the term "cacao nibs" on our website interchangeably with cacao grounds, which is what Choffy is. 

What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?

There’s actually no real difference! When we refer to brewed cacao or brewed cocoa, we are referring to the same thing, brewed chocolate!