What is Choffy? How do we make Choffy?

Choffy is brewed chocolate! After carefully searching for and acquiring the highest quality cacao, we roast and grind these beans in our specialized proprietary processes to produce the finest product. We then package the Choffy, and then ship it to you to brew just like you would coffee!

How is Choffy made at home?

Choffy can be brewed in a french press, a drip machine, pour over, percolator, Keurig machine, or even on the stove! Any way you can brew coffee, you can brew Choffy! That’s why it’s known as the coffee alternative!

What is theobromine and how much is in Choffy?

Theobromine is a naturally occurring, non-addictive vasodilator which provides healthy and long-lasting energy. Choffy contains roughly 215mg to 260mg per 8 oz. serving.

What's the difference between Cacao nibs/Choffy and powdered Cacao?

Cocoa powder, which is dutched and/or alkalized (processes that remove portions of the cacao bean and change its composition so that it becomes water soluble). Choffy is only roasted and ground in our unique way to produce brewable finely ground cacao nibs.

When was Choffy invented?

Choffy was the first brewed cacao to ever be invented, and was created on May 5th 2006. Jason Vanderhoven, inventor and owner of Choffy, had a dream about it! After months of trying to find a way to help people through his work, he had a dream one night about the creation of Choffy, and then decided to pursue it! This resulted in the modern-day Choffy! We take the greatest care when making our product and we put the most conscious effort into ensuring that the quality of every bag of Choffy is the best anyone can offer!

Where can I buy my Choffy?

The best place to purchase Choffy is right here on our website! 

How long will Choffy stay fresh for unopened? Opened? Brewed?

Unopened, Choffy will stay fresh for 2-5 years, depending on the roast. When opened, Choffy can stay fresh for up to 8 months, and brewed Choffy can be kept for 4-5 days when refrigerated.

Is Choffy fair trade?

Choffy values every single person in our global supply chain, so we choose to pay over fair-trade prices to ensure that everyone in our business line gets a fair wage and pay! 

Where can I find information about shipping?

All shipping information can be found on our Shipping and Returns Page.

What if I want to resell Choffy in my store?

To find out information about reselling Choffy, please call 844-344-8220.

If I’m older than 55, how do I sign up for our 55+ discount group?

Send us an email or message with proof of age (typically people send us a photo of their ID with sensitive information covered). If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out at 844-344-8220.

What if I’m a first-time buyer?

For first time buyers, we offer 30% off on your order! Just use the code: 1stchoffy at checkout!

Where do I find information on how to brew my Choffy?

To find information on how to brew your Choffy, visit our How To Brew Choffy page.

How do I save more if I buy regularly?

Our Schedule and Save program is the perfect way to save money if you are a Choffy lover! Each Schedule and Save order will receive 10% off and FREE shipping! To find out more information on Schedule and Save orders, please call in at 844-344-8220. 

How do I know which Choffy flavor to buy?

To find information on which Choffy flavor to purchase, visit our Flavor Chart page.

When can I expect my Choffy order to get to me?

Our goal is to ship out all orders within the same day of receiving them. We do, however, ensure that all orders are shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving them. Once we ship the orders from our warehouse, the typical shipping time is 2-3 days.

What add-ins go best in Choffy?

Creamers, agave, honey, milk and sugar, chocolate syrup, anything you want!

Is Choffy addictive?

 Nope! The primary stimulating factor in Choffy is theobromine, which is not addictive.

Can Choffy be added to smoothies or added to coffee?

Choffy is a great addition for smoothies or added to the coffee grounds when making Choffy Coffee! When added to smoothies, it adds a huge boost of nutritional value and a fantastic, healthy energy boost.

What if my question is not found on this page?

If you have any other questions that are not answered, please feel free to call in at 844-344-8220 to speak with a Choffy representative or email in at support@choffy.com

What Does Choffy Taste Like?

It's described as a wonderful coffee alternative because it has a nice chocolaty taste without all the sweetness of hot cocoa. There is no sugar, but healthy roasted cacao beans that are steeped in French press for 5 minutes.