FAQ - Health Questions

Is Choffy organic?

Choffy is made all 100% organically, although we do not pay for the certification. Because we don't have complete control of the growth of the cacao beans, we felt that it would be dishonest to claim the organic title (although we qualify). We do, however, only purchase our beans through the best cacao farms, and pay over fair trade to ensure the quality or the product!

 Is Choffy high in acidity?

No, on the pH scale, it is actually almost completely neutral. This makes Choffy consumable for many people with digestion concerns. If you have concerns though, we strongly recommend consulting your doctor.

Is Choffy gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, non-gmo?

Choffy is gluten-free and dairy-free. We are not yet kosher certified. Choffy is non-gmo.

How does Choffy help people lose weight?

Choffy helps people lose weight with the flavanol Epicatechin. To learn more, go to our Health Benefits page. 

Can Choffy increase your mood?

Yes it can! The cacao bean is full of serotonin, the "bliss chemical". So basically, if you want to feel happy, drink Choffy!

Can you drink Choffy at night?

Yes you can! The "energy" that comes from Choffy is from the vasodilation (increased blood flow in your whole system), but does not alter your sleeping chemicals or patterns.

Is Choffy caffeine-free?

Choffy has what is to be considered a negligible amount of caffeine.

Is Choffy gluten-free?

 Yes, Choffy is gluten-free.

Does Choffy contain any artificial ingredients or additives?

No, the only ingredient in Choffy is brewed cacao!

Is Choffy suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes and yes! As the only ingredient being cacao beans, Choffy is great for vegans and vegetarians!

Where can I find more Choffy Health benefits? 

To find the health benefits of Choffy, go to our Health Benefits page.