French Roasts

French Roast Brewed Cacao. It's the Best Coffee Alternative!

Choffy - Brewed Chocolate is known for being a great, chocolaty drink, but did you know that Choffy can taste like coffee? That's right. Our French roast brewed cacao is the darkest, most robust roasts that we offer! The darker you go, the more coffee-like it tastes, still retaining that iconic Choffy taste. Whether you are a uber dark roast lover, or a coffee drinker looking to add more flavor to your morning or even replace your coffee, French roasts are the way to go!

Cacao vs Cocoa Fun Fact:

Do you know the difference between cacao and cocoa? Chocolate comes from the cacao plant which grows in pods.  Inside these pods lives a seed. It resembles a coffee bean. That bean is the cacao bean. To make cacoa the beans are processed into cocoa.


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