Information Privacy

Information is personal. It is important and when shared with us, Choffy will treat your information with respect. What does that mean? It means that:


1. We keep all of your information private. We DO NOT sell, lease, rent, allow anyone to borrow or anything else with your personal information. We don't appreciate it when other companies do that to us, so you can bet we will not do that to you. That is just one way that we can let you know that we appreciate you.


2. NO SPAM! Everyone hates, and I mean hates spam. At Choffy you can expect that you will get emails regarding your puchase(receipt), shipping information(tracking number to your shipment) and IF and I mean ONLY IF you sign up for our newsletter, will we send you newsletters and promotional emails. Being respectful of your time is another way that we can show you that we respect and appreciate you as our customer.


3. All of your data is secured and accessible only to Choffy Inc.

Bottomline: At Choffy, we are going to treat you and your personal information as if you were part of our family, becasue as far as we are concerned, you are part of our family. We appreciate, love and respect you and are grateful to share our fantastic products with you.