Common Questions

Choffy is brewed chocolate! After carefully searching for and acquiring the highest quality cacao, we roast and grind these beans in our specialized proprietary processes to produce the finest product. We then package the Choffy, and then ship it to you to brew just like you would coffee!

The best way to buy Choffy is through our website. You'll get the best deals here and we can help you the most with orders that are through our website. You can also purchase Choffy in select physical locations. For those details, please call in to our offices to find a store near you.

The best deal we consistently offer is our Schedule and Save option, where you'll get 10% off and FREE shipping on every order! Click here to learn more!

Our goal is to ship out all orders within the same day of receiving them. We do, however, ensure that all orders are shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving them. Once we ship the orders from our warehouse, the typical shipping time is 2-3 days.

Choffy can be brewed in a french press, a drip machine, pour over, percolator, Keurig machine, or even on the stove! Any way you can brew coffee, you can brew Choffy! That’s why it’s known as the coffee alternative!

You can use your reward points to buy more CHoffy right here on our website! Here's a video that explains all about how to use Choffy reward points!

Choffy gives you more natural energy than the caffeine does in coffee, and it lasts 4-6 times longer! Choffy is not acidic like coffee is, and it has so many health benefits that our only ingredient, cacao beans, are considered a superfood! In terms of taste, Choffy is more chocolatey than coffee, but it our Ecuador French roast is extremely coffee-like.

Yes you can! The "energy" that comes from Choffy is from the vasodilation (increased blood flow in your whole system), but does not alter your sleeping chemicals or patterns.

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