What is Choffy? It's Brewed Chocolate!

Choffy is cocoa beans (cacao) that have been roasted and ground in our unique way, then packaged so that you can brew it into a healthy, delicious brewed cacao drink!

Watch this video to get a detailed, but fast run-down on all the facts about Choffy!

Is brewed cacao different than Choffy?

Brewed Chocolate, Brewed Cacao, Brewing Cocoa are all the same thing... Choffy! Some people like to call Choffy different names that help describe what Choffy is, but they are all Choffy. We do have different types of beans and roasts, so learn more about that, click on the button below!

Can or should I put anything in my Choffy?

If you would like to, then yes! You can add virtually anything to Choffy. If you are used to drinking other brewed drinks and you add something to that, you may want to try Choffy how you would make another drink first.

Since cocoa beans are not naturally sweet (like a bakers cocoa), you can add a little something to your Choffy to add sweetness! Here are a few add-ins we like:


Coffee creamers

Almond milk

Coconut milk






You can even try Choffy Bullet Proof Style! Pictured below are a few favorites that are an easy place to start!

What else can I do with Choffy?

Whether baking, cooking, or making fun things like smoothies, scrubs or rubs, there are so many things that you can make with Choffy! Check out this quick video about what you can do with your Choffy.


Check out some great Choffy Choices!