100% Natural dark chocolate drink!

Choffy  is made with cocoa beans that are roasted,

ground and then packaged so that you can brew them into a

healthy, dark chocolate drink.

With no sugar, dairy, soy or gluten you can pick and choose

you sweeten and/or enjoy Choffy!


How do I Brew Choffy?


There are a number of ways to brew Choffy. Here are a few of the most popular ways:


1. French Press


This is a great way to brew Choffy and is probably one of the

most widely used, because you have the most control over the brew

(you can control the temperature, time you brew, how many times you stir.)



2. Coffee(Choffy) Maker


The autodrip coffee maker is the second most widely used to brew Choffy.

There are a number of types available and when you use a permanent filter

(Gold filter, wire mesh filter or a nylon mesh filter) and if the machine has a strong or bold setting,

this method makes a great cup of Choffy and is much easier than a french press.



3. Pour Over


Pour overs such as a Chemex is another great choice.  They are kind of a fusion between

a french press and a coffee maker.



4. Percolator


We love percolators.  They work great and they work for larger applications like get-togethers, weddings, luncheons and many other types of events.  Percolators come in many different sizes

and all of the percolators that we have tested make great Choffy!





That is a great question that we hear all the time. Since cocoa beans are not

naturally sweet (kind of like a baker’s cocoa) you may want to add a little

something to your Choffy. Here are a few add-ins we like:


Coffee Creamers, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, NutPods Honey, Agave, Sugar, other sweetener, etc… Bullet Proof Style!





Answer. Only the Flavor. Unlike coffee, Choffy supplies you with long-lasting energy

throughout the day without the crash, jitters, or other negative effects of caffeine.

Which means you can drink as much as you want, whenever you want.

So if you wake up craving a cup of Choffy, it’s only because it tastes so good!


Now that you're a pro...

Grab your own Choffy and enjoy!