Medium Roasts

If you love light to milk chocolate flavors, the medium roasts are for you. Kids also love medium roasts.

Ivory Coast Medium Roast

The Ivory Coast Medium Roast boasts a light chocolaty flavor with subtle grainy notes. It is great for non-coffee drinkers.

Volta Medium Roast

The Volta Medium Roast has a rich chocolaty flavor and is a very popular flavor.

Nigeria Medium Roast

The Nigeria Medium Roast has a full-bodied chocolaty flavor with a smooth finish.

Dark Roasts

Dark Roasts are perfect for people who love medium to dark chocolate flavors.

Ivory Coast Dark Roast

The Ivory Coast Dark Roast adds earthy tones to the light chocolaty flavor present in the Ivory Coast collection.

Volta Dark Roast

The Volta Dark Roast boasts a smoky, rich chocolaty flavor. That makes the Volta Dark Roast perfect for true chocolate lovers.

Nigeria Dark Roast

The Nigeria Dark Roast has a dark chocolaty flavor with a smooth and roasted finish. It is one of our newest products.

Ecuador Dark Roast

The Ecuador Dark Roast has a robust and complex chocolaty tone. It is the most like a European dark chocolate.

French Roasts

The French Roasts are loved best by people who love dark chocolate and coffee-like flavors.

Ivory Coast French Roast

The Ivory Coast French Roast is a medium-bodied chocolate with a combination of smoky and earthy tones.

Volta French Roast

The Volta French Roast has a rich, mocha-like flavor. It is perfect for someone who loves either extremely dark chocolate or mocha flavors.

Nigeria French Roast

The Nigeria French Roast boasts a complex and robust flavor, yet smoky and smooth finish.

Ecuador French Roast

The Ecuador French Roast is a complex and robust flavor. It is by far our most coffee-like flavor and a perfect coffee replacement.