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Introducing Choffy Brewed Cacao!

The best coffee, tea, energy drink alternative!

When compared to competitors, Choffy is rated number one!

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How do you make brewed cacao?

There are lots of ways to brew Choffy, from French presses to pour-overs, and we will teach you the best methods available!

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10 health benefits of brewed cacao in 10 seconds!


1. Increased focus: Choffy helps give your brain the extra power it needs to focus.


2. Boosts Serotonin levels!Choffy is loaded with Serotonin, the "bliss chemical", giving you more happiness!


3. Weight Loss: Epicatchin, found naturally in Choffy, allows your body to get rid of fatty acid chains, helping you to lose weight!


4.Build lean muscle: Epicatchin also promotes lean muscle production! Lose weight and build muscle all in one!


5. Detox body: Cacao's antioxidants helps filter your blood, getting rid of free radicals and other harmful substances in your blood.


6.  Heathy energy boost: Theobromine (a healthly, natural stimulant) helps your body to increase blood flow, which makes your circulatory system run better!


7. Aids in digestive health: Serotonin aids in digestion!


8. Choffy adds Iron to your dietAmong many other beneficial supplements found in Choffy, cacao beans are a great source of iron for your diet!


9. Not acidic like coffeeThis means your gut health will be much better than if you were to drink coffee!


10.Only 20 calories, no fat, no cholesterol and no sugar, no dairy and gluten free!: All in all, Choffy is the perfect health drink! With more health benefits than you can count, it couples health with an exquisite taste to bring you happiness in a cup!

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