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Need more energy?

Everyone needs more energy, but the key is getting clean energy.  With Choffy that's what you get. CLEAN ENERGY

What is Choffy?

Choffy is Brewed Chocolate. Cocoa beans roasted, ground and packaged so that you can brew Choffy into a delicious dark chocolate drink.

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Do you want to be healthier and happier?

Being healthy is important and what you put in your body is huge.  Choffy is super healthy.  Happiness is important.  Find out how you can get more of this with Choffy!

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Why Should I Drink Choffy?

Clean energy and health benefits all with a great taste!

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Are you 55 or older?

There is so much that Choffy can do to help you feel great and enjoy life!

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Which Choffy is right for me?

We have a Choffy for just about every taste bud out there.  Find which Choffy is your Choffy.

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What do I do now?...

Come see what great products we have!  We invite you to try a few flavors of Choffy and see which one becomes your favorite!

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Need a Suggestion?

Not a coffee drinker?

No Problem!  Here are a couple of suggestions.

Ivory Coast - Light Chocolaty flavor w/ grainy notes

Volta - Straight forward chocolaty flavor

KCups anyone?

Probably the most convenient way to make Choffy!

If you want a coffee-like flavor

If you want the strongest, most coffee-like flavor, then Ecuador French Roast is for you.