Subscribe and Save Orders

Subscribe and Save orders are the most convenient way to get your Choffy at the best value!

On your first order will instantly get 10% off! Then, on every recurring order after that you will get 10% off and FREE shipping and a guaranteed price for at least 12 months!

Below are instructions on how to start your very own schedule and save order!

1. Dropdown Menu

Click on the dropdown menu on the upper left hand corner of your phone. Or Choose "Shop" from the menu on your laptop.

2. Shop

Click "Shop".

3. Select Type of Choffy

Choose between our amazing flavor collections, or by our different package types (bagged product or Single Serve Cups)

5. Pick your product

Pick which product you'd like to purchase. Within each collection are fantastic options!

6. Details

Pick the size and quantity you'd like and click on the "Subscribe & Save 10%" button.

7. Pick the Frequency

Choose what frequency you would like to set up your orders to come.

8. Checkout

Checkout as though you are placing a regular order.