Volta Dark Single Serve Choffy Cups

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Choffy's Volta Dark Roast beckons with the deep and resonant allure of West African cocoa, handpicked from the vibrant Volta Region.

These exceptional cocoa beans undergo a masterful dark roasting process, unearthing an intensity that is both commanding and captivating. Each indulgent sip delivers a robust chocolate symphony. The finish is rich and velvety with a smoky hint, lingering gracefully on the palate, and leaving an insatiable desire for the next taste.

This blend encapsulates the spirit of the Volta Region's cocoa in its most powerful form, presenting an authentic and deeply satisfying brewed chocolate experience.


    More About Volta Dark Roast

    The Volta Dark Roast is a great middle-of-the-road option for all flavors.

    Flavor Profile

    Rich, Chocolaty and Smoky

    Serving Sizes

    12 ct.: Approximately 12 - 8-10 oz. servings

    31 ct.: Approximately 31 - 8-10 oz. servings

    80 ct.: Approximately 80 - 8-10 oz. servings

    Bean Origin

    The Volta Region of Ghana

    Who Would Like This Roast?

    Someone Who Loves a Combination of Dark Chocolate, Rich and Smoky Flavors

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    manny carulo
    Volta Dark Single Serve Choffy Cups

    Great taste good quality better than the competition

    David Johnson
    Volta Dark Single Serve Choffy Cups

    I love the rich chocolate flavor of the volta. Very little caffeine so I can enjoy a cup (or two) before bedtime. I just wish I could find coupons, as it is expensive.

    David Johnson
    Volta Dark Single Serve Choffy Cups

    I love the rich chocolate flavor of the volta. Very little caffeine so I can enjoy a cup (or two) before bedtime. I just wish I could find coupons, as it is expensive.

    Deleted user


    Volta Dark Single Serve Choffy Cups

    Not what I thought I was ordering, but that's my fault. It seems to have a more burned flavor than the Ivory Coast dark that I previously tried. The medium Volta not in the K-cups is nice and smooth and delicious. This is a bit too sharp for my preferences, so will be looking for medium when I order again.

    Benefits of Single Serve Cups

    Single Serve Cups offer the luxury of convenience, consistent quality, and variety, all while ensuring a fuss-free Choffy experience. Whether you're gearing up for a demanding workday, taking a personal moment before the kids wake up, or winding down in the evening, Single Serve Cups provide the perfect blend of speed and quality tailored to your unique needs.

    *Just remember to set your machine to the hottest setting and the strongest brew!*

    Quick Brew Time

    Ideal for mornings when every minute counts.

    Consistent Quality

    Each cup is brewed to perfection, with consistency in flavor and strength. No more guessing or adjusting; you know what you’re going to get every time.


    Each Single Serve Cup is sealed, ensuring the freshness of the Choffy grounds.


    Compact design doesn’t clutter countertops! Single Serve Cups are perfect for urban living or downsized spaces, ensuring an efficient kitchen layout.


    Wide range of flavors to purchase in Single Serve Cup Variety Sets.

    Minimal Clean-Up

    Say goodbye to messy grounds and filters! It makes post-brew clean-up a breeze, freeing up more time for personal or professional priorities.


    Healthier Energy

    Choffy has Theobromine in it, which gives you longer lasting energy than caffeine!

    Free Radical Fighters

    There's more antioxidants in a 6 oz serving than a serving and a half of blueberries.

    Serotonin Boost

    Choffy makes you happier by helping your body produce more Serotonin.

    Only 20 Calories

    With 3g carbs, 2g protein, no fat or sugar, Choffy only has 20 calories per serving!

    The Volta Region is one of the sixteen administrative regions of Ghana, located in the southeastern part of the country. It is bordered by the Gulf of Guinea to the south, Togo to the east, and the regions of Oti, Eastern, and Greater Accra in other directions. The region gets its name from the Volta River which flows along its western boundary. With a diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage, the Volta Region is a significant area in Ghana both historically and economically.
    • Geography: The region features a mix of coastal plains, rolling hills, and low mountains. The Akwapim-Togo mountain ranges run through the region.
    • Water Bodies: Lake Volta, one of the world's largest artificial lakes, is partially located in this region, providing both a resource for fisheries and a site for tourism.
    • Biodiversity: The region boasts a variety of fauna and flora, particularly in the forested areas and along the riverbanks.
    • Climate: The Volta Region experiences a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons.

    Cacao Trade

    • Cocoa Production: While Ghana as a whole is one of the world's top cocoa producers, the Volta Region isn't the primary cocoa-growing area. Regions like Ashanti, Western, and Central have a higher prominence in cocoa production.
    • Diverse Agriculture: The region does have cocoa farms, but its agricultural sector is more diversified, including crops like cassava, yams, maize, and more.
    • Challenges: As with other cocoa-growing areas in Ghana, concerns about sustainable farming are also pertinent in the Volta Region's cocoa sector.
    The Volta Region offers a blend of natural beauty, significant cultural landmarks, and an evolving economy. Its rich landscapes and diverse ecosystems make it a notable destination within Ghana.