Variety Set Single Serve Cups

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This Single Serve Variety Set offers you the opportunity to explore and experience multiple Choffy products, allowing you to discover the best Choffy flavors for you and enjoy a range of options!

Ecuador Dark Roast: Each sip unveils a sumptuous chorus of deep, dark chocolate notes, enriched by subtle undertones of tropical fruits. Ecuador Dark Roast is reminiscent of an excellent European Dark Chocolate. The finish is both bold and velvety, leaving a lasting impression that will beckon the senses for another indulgent sip.

Volta Dark Roast: These exceptional cocoa beans undergo a masterful dark roasting process, unearthing an intensity that is both commanding and captivating. Each indulgent sip delivers a robust chocolate symphony. The finish is rich and velvety with a smoky hint, lingering gracefully on the palate, and leaving an insatiable desire for the next taste.

Nigeria Dark Roast: Each sip reveals a rich tapestry of profound chocolate flavors, underscored by subtle notes of dried fruits and a hint of smoky depth. The finish is luxuriously velvety, leaving a lasting impression that will resonate with the senses.

Ivory Coast Dark Roast: Every cup provides exquisite richness of chocolaty flavors, complemented by earthy undertones and a light roasted smoky component. The finish is both luxurious and lingering, leaving a light and satisfying impression that will entice the senses and invite you back for more.

More About Variety Sets

The best way to try all our Single Serve flavors!

Flavor Profile

Ivory Coast Dark Roast: Light Chocolaty Flavor with Earthy Tones

Ecuador Dark Roast: Complex, Robust and Chocolaty

Volta Dark Roast: Rich, Chocolaty and Smoky

Nigeria Dark Roast: Dark Chocolaty Flavor, Smooth and Roasted

Serving Sizes

12 ct.: Approximately 12 - 8-10 oz. servings

31 ct.: Approximately 31 - 8-10 oz. servings

80 ct.: Approximately 80 - 8-10 oz. servings

Bean Origin

Ivory Coast of Africa


Volta Region of Ghana


Who Would Like This Product?

Someone who wants to try multiple flavors of Choffy in the convenience of a Single Serve Cup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Delicious Choffy!

I received both my orders quickly!

Jeff's First Choffy Order

1. Taste: *****
2. Easy: *****
3. Packaging: ***
Note: The pods are mixed together and some of the pods are misshapen.
Please consider separating the varieties and stacking them.
4. Overall: ****

Laura Krajewski
Watery no flavor

I’ve tried this product for the second time because of their marketing. It is the most watery flavorless drink - worse than tea.

Thomas Thiel
Best energy I’ve had in days for days

All I have to say is I don’t need caffeinated drinks to get me through the day anymore. After I started drinking Choffy daily my energy is up I don’t feel a drag half way through the day and my mind feels sharp.

Pam Becher

Variety Set Single Serve Cups

Benefits of Single Serve Cups

Single Serve Cups offer the luxury of convenience, consistent quality, and variety, all while ensuring a fuss-free Choffy experience. Whether you're gearing up for a demanding workday, taking a personal moment before the kids wake up, or winding down in the evening, Single Serve Cups provide the perfect blend of speed and quality tailored to your unique needs.

*Just remember to set your machine to the hottest setting and the strongest brew!*

Quick Brew Time

Ideal for mornings when every minute counts.

Consistent Quality

Each cup is brewed to perfection, with consistency in flavor and strength. No more guessing or adjusting; you know what you’re going to get every time.

Minimal Clean-Up

Say goodbye to messy grounds and filters! It makes post-brew clean-up a breeze, freeing up more time for personal or professional priorities.


Wide range of flavors to purchase in Single Serve Cup Variety Sets.


Compact design doesn’t clutter countertops! Single Serve Cups are perfect for urban living or downsized spaces, ensuring an efficient kitchen layout.


Each Single Serve Cup is sealed, ensuring the freshness of the Choffy grounds.


Healthier Energy

Choffy has Theobromine in it, which gives you longer lasting energy than caffeine!

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