Coffee Replacement Pack

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This Coffee Replacement Pack is the best option for anyone who is looking to find a better, healthier way to source their morning energy!  Now there is no need to sacrifice great flavor or healthy benefits! With Ecuador French Roast and Nigeria French Roast, you get a power packed punch of healthy energy with robust coffee and mocha like flavors.

Ecuador French Roast: Ecuador French Roast is our number 1 coffee replacement product.  With every sip, you'll discover a rich and coffee-like experience, accompanied by nuanced undertones of aged wood and a wonderfully smoky after flavor. The finish is beautifully smooth and lingering, leaving an indelible impression of the cocoa's exquisite character. This blend showcases the art of French roasting paired with the distinctive essence of Ecuadorian cocoa, resulting in an unforgettable brewed chocolate experience. 

Nigeria French Roast: Sourced from the fertile regions of Nigeria, the cocoa beans are expertly roasted in the style of a French roast, resulting in a deep, intense flavor profile. As you sip, expect to be greeted by a complex and robust mocha-like flavor, with a smoky and delightful undertone. The finish is smooth and lingering, making it a perfect beverage for those who appreciate a robust and full-bodied cup.