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Decadent "Hot Chocolate" Choffy

Decadent "Hot Chocolate" Choffy

Decadent “Hot Chocolate” Choffy is a deliciously chocolatey way to keep the whole family comfy-cozy this winter! Oh my. It’s just heavenly.

DessertsChoffy Creme Bruleé

Choffy Creme Bruleé

A light and delicious treat, this is a contemporary take on the famous creme bruleé, just with a chocolatey twist!

DessertsCandied Choffy Caramel Apples

Candied Choffy Caramel Apples

You’re going to be in heaven with these little bits of caramelized Choffy bits~ deliciousness!

DessertsChoffy Tiramisu

Choffy Tiramisu

A new take on an old favorite treat! As one of my most favorite desserts, tiramisu is even better with Choffy!

DessertsChoffy Chocolate Biscotti

Choffy Chocolate Biscotti

This treat is great for parties, dinners, breakfasts, pretty much anytime! 😄

DessertsChoffy Chocolate Mousse

Choffy Chocolate Mousse

Choffy Mousse is my version of the decadent chocolate mousse that your sweet tooth is used to enjoying but a little skinnier!